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Blue Stream Laboratories Debuts Cutting-Edge Mass Spectrometry Methods for In-Depth Protein Analysis

PowerPoint presentations from BSL's Workshop: In-Depth Characterization of Recombinant Protein Thereapeutics

Characterization of PEGylated Proteins by Mass Spectrometry

Characterization of Glycoproteins by Mass Spectrometry

Founded to address the growing need for advanced, innovative biopharmaceutical product characterization and analytical testing, we are dedicated to finding solutions for our clients as they face common challenges such as:

  • Difficult Structural Characterization Projects

  • Stability-Indicating Method Development for Complex Biologics

  • cGMP Release Testing

  • Internal Equipment or Resource Limitations

  • Confirmatory Data/Analysis from a Trusted Second Source

  • Finding/Identifying a Backup Laboratory

  • Formulation Development of Complex Protein Products

  • cGMP Stability Program Design and Management

Our systems are designed so that we may function as an extension of your laboratory, offering our insight and skills to make your job easier and more productive, thereby enhancing the success of your program.

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Blue Stream has documented:

  • Successful FDA Audits for Commercial Product Testing

  • Successful Product and Program Specific QP Audits

Blue Stream is located in the Boston area and serves companies throughout the U.S. and overseas. Our clients range from small start-ups and virtual biotechs to Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical device companies.


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